Monday, March 24, 2008

More media support for no day time curfew

Here is another link to the York Dispatch, arguing against another superfluous law on the books.

The author, Larry Hicks, makes some excellent points about the age restrictions during the day, and how hard it would be to adequately enforce it without needlessly detaining "legal" citizens out during the day time.

Let's see more of this! And how about some good ole fashioned investigative journalism - look into the inefficacy of curfew laws, and how, when challenged in courts, some have been found to be unconstitutional.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Editorial Support for Daytime Curfew Craziness

The York Dispatch, which by the way has been doing a superior job to the York Daily Record in following the curfew issue, published an editorial arguing against the daytime curfew.

The editorial takes to task Shaun Mauck, the WY councilmember who pushed through the daytime curfew issue. His actions run counter to the current push towards uniformity across the county in ordinances.

Here is the link:

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Daytime Curfew - Dissolving Our Liberty

It gives me little pleasure to know that my hunch was correct - I think the city's decision to drop the daytime curfew was disingenuous.

Please refer to this evening's Dispatch article:

My belief is that by passively sitting by and NOT putting pressure on neighboring municipalities to remove the day time curfew issue entirely, they are coming in the back door with this legislation.

Why, if the county is moving towards uniformity (which is theproposed reason behind this current curfew push) would the county commissioners NOT get on the phone and say, "Hey, we're all trying to be on the same page here, why lead your community down a path that isdifferent from ours?"

Unless of course the county commissioners and others WANT the daytime curfew to be part of the uniformity across the county. That's pretty much what's happened with the night time curfew - peer pressure for those communities who don't have curfews to establish ones, or for those who have more restricted hours (like the Manchester Tshp hoursof midnight to 5 AM) to have continuity across the county.

I guess it's bound to happen with day time. We have a few communities around the city with daytime curfews, maybe more down the road. What's the harm in just making it law EVERYWHERE? It would be common sense, would it not? That's the same mentality that is going on with the night time curfew right now.

Curfews are smoke and mirrors. If schools do not know where their students are, they have a bigger problem than truancy.

Why aren't parents suing schools for not keeping tabs on theircharges???

Can you imagine a day care not paying attention to their four yearolds? "We didn't realize she wasn't in class today...."

What is going on here??? Why are we allowing this to take place?

The schools are a mess, and we are all paying the price. They are fostering a sense of utter complacency in the citizens of this country.

So we all lose a bit of liberty each day. As long as so few pay attention, perhaps it doesn't actually matter....Anita

Monday, March 3, 2008

Time for a change?

Let's take a possible example of what could happen if we let things get out of control (which I guess they already are, but that's I suppose for the schools to figure out):

A teenager is outside during school hours. An officer approaches, asks the teen why they aren't in school.
Teen could reply, "I'm homeschooled." Then what happens?

Is the officer legally able to ask for the teen's name? What if the teen gives a false name and address? Is that really illegal for the teen to do that?

If the teen is legally outside (ie if s/he is legitmately homeschooled) and decides to be a nudge by giving false information to an officer, what is the consequence, if any?

If the teen did nothing wrong, there would be no legimate reason for the officer to have that teen's name and address. Is providing false ID info to an officer with no reason to ask for it illegal?

Now, what if the teen is lying and really SHOULD be in school? The teen gives false information to the officer - then what happens?
Teens don't have homeschooling or private school "papers" they carry with them. No way for a questioning officer to know if the teen is telling the truth or not.

So officers can question youths now - big deal. They shouldn't HAVE to question anyone, because the SCHOOLS should know who is and isn't sitting in their seats. Those who are truant can theoretically be identified and approached.

There really is no need for officers to question youth if the schools are doing their jobs. ANd if the schools AREN'T doing their job, where is the accountability?
When are communities going to stand up and demand accountability of their schools and their citizens (teens included)?

More importantly, when are communities going to rise up and admit - the SCHOOLS DON'T WORK FOR EVERYONE, particularly for teens. Some teens don't belong in school at all. It is not "for them." Why is that wrong or illegal?
It's not as if they have nothing to offer, or that they can't contribute to society. It's just that schools can't meet their needs to express their gifts and talents.

What do you think happens when we force ALL young people to do something that serves them absolutely NO purpose? We hem them in by instituting an environment in which they simply cannot win, nor succeed, nor really learn. We tell them they MUST be in the prison like atmosphere of schools. If they leave the stifling environment, they CAN'T get a job or be productive because THAT IS ILLEGAL!

The problem is not the teens, and not even really the parents. Maybe the parents are frustrated because they don't really think school is the best option for their 15, 16 and 17 year olds. Maybe these parents are right, but they are also constrained by the same rules we've put in place for the teens.

What a mess.

What normal human being wouldn't act out?

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Curfew meeting

See the following article for information regarding "curfew enforcement."

Hopefully the daytime curfew issue will be put to rest by this date, but in case it is not, plan to attend.

And even if the daytime issue is removed, we should plan to attend because obviously our community needs more involvement. In order to avoid propositions that remove freedoms in the future, I wonder how we could each make a positive impact on crime and juvenile delinquency.

I do know that when individuals and groups put their minds to something, they can make it happen. There is evidence all around us showing it's true. Now might be the time to really focus on ways to improve the quality of life throughout the city and county.

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