Saturday, March 1, 2008

Curfew meeting

See the following article for information regarding "curfew enforcement."

Hopefully the daytime curfew issue will be put to rest by this date, but in case it is not, plan to attend.

And even if the daytime issue is removed, we should plan to attend because obviously our community needs more involvement. In order to avoid propositions that remove freedoms in the future, I wonder how we could each make a positive impact on crime and juvenile delinquency.

I do know that when individuals and groups put their minds to something, they can make it happen. There is evidence all around us showing it's true. Now might be the time to really focus on ways to improve the quality of life throughout the city and county.

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drbott said...

Yes, hope the daytime issue is struck down by March 11.
Yes, plan to attend the meeting to keep posted on what is happening in our community. We need to look at ways to help our county reduce crime and juvenile delinquency.
This should be everyone's concern.