Thursday, February 28, 2008

Short update for clarification

Just to clarify, as I've gotten some questionrs regarding the status of this proposal...

This must have been under discussion for some time, as the task force has put together the proposal already.

Then, they sent out the proposal to all the municipalities in the county. As I understand it, all the municipalities must agree to this, because it is being presented as a county-wide curfew.

Perhaps our biggest area of impact could be contacting each of our individual municipalities directly and stating our objections. If we can make our community leaders understand our opposition, we should theoretically be able to stop this.

I am very concerned as well about the lack of adequate and accurate media coverage. Why would the papers ignore an important aspect of this proposal that would actually be a NEW law? Might they have an agenda?

I have written a letter to the YDR editor. I hope it is published in the next few days - I will link to it when it is online.

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