Thursday, February 28, 2008

YDR editorial opinion re: curfew

Notice the lack of mention about the proposed DAYTIME curfew. Why ignore it in the editorial? The wording of this editorial makes it seem "reasonable" to support this, yet the editorial ignores mention of NEW ordinances, not just standardizing existing ones...


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drbott said...

I have been trying to follow the news articles with the info on the York country Task Force to implement a county wide curfew. There have been articles in the newspapers, but only the very first article I saw in the paper last week had included the part
about a daytime curfew. The reporters have dropped the daytime curfew mention totally. But it was initially there AND a daytime curfew IS in the proposal which was supported by the county
commissioners and is being prepared by the task force to be sent to all the local municipalities. Most already
have night time curfews on the books, so I am not concerned about that. What I am CONCERNED about is a DAYTIME curfew!